About IRIS Optronics


IRIS Optronics was founded in Tainan Tree Valley Park in 2012. We specialize in research and development of key production processes, equipment, system and applications of color e-paper. We are the founding member of the color e-paper industry alliance, and we are helping equipment, material, IC and system integrating partners to revolutionize sustainable displays.

We innovate around low carbon footprint displays to create the world's first full-color e-paper that is both environmentally friendly and better for the eyes. Our applications include mobile, education, healthcare and retail industries, and our innovations continue to benefit users sustainably.

Our company culture of discipline, innovation and altruism has guided us on the path of creating environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint technologies. We use zero-carbon emission displays to expand the blue ocean strategy of sustainable innovations and create vivid color e-paper ecosystems to protect both the earth and mankind.



Launched 10" color e-paper, created 13" and 16" e-paper prototypes, and switched on a 28.5" large color e-paper display for the first time.


Launched the self-powered, zero-emission, true color e-paper technology "Infinity Display", and the ebook e-reader prototype.


Co-developed the 7.9" color e-paper with AUO.


Created 4.5", 8.2", 11" prototypes.


Fujitsu Limited transferred patents around color ChLCD displays to IRIS Optronics.


Established IRIS Optronics and began developing color e-paper technologies with Fujitsu Limited.

Brand Story

IRIS Optronics is a group of passionate, ambitious and innovative professionals who are building a color e-paper industry alliance to promote energy-saving ChLCD displays that are better for the eyes.

Four letters of IRIS represent:
Integrity - promote trust between business partners.
Responsibility - support environmentally friendly initiatives.
Innovation - develop new technologies that protect the environment and mankind.
Sharing - collaborate with partners for mutual benefits.

The IRIS logo arranges the four letters into a hexagon similar to an eye (IRIS is a key component within an eye) and uses red, green and blue light rays to represent the reflective nature of the ChLCD color e-paper.

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