Retail Digital Signage

Environmentally friendly display powered by embedded solar panels. Free from power cables and can display digital posters anywhere.
Commercial digital billboard hamburger image in the city

Full-color retail signage

Commercial billboards by the roadside
Color e-paper with 16 million vivid, high-contrast colors visible under sunlight. An Infinity Display can significantly lower energy consumption than traditional screens.

Smart menu displays for restaurants

Commercial signage advertising for food
Time-saving digital displays designed for updating menus and images easily through content management systems.

Smart digital signage designed for sustainable cities

A couple with white hair is looking at an electronic map billboard
Self-powered digital signage is readable under sunlight for a low-emission way to display real-time traffic and tourist information.
Image with red, yellow, and blue primary colors

True full-color e-paper technology

More than 16 million colors to revolutionize color e-paper technology.

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Three circles represent the function of Infinity Display

Infinity Display

Go 10 years without charging your zero-emission digital displays.

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