IRIS Optronics Awarded the 22nd Golden Peak Award

December 12, 2023

The 22nd Golden Peak Award ceremony held by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association, IRIS Optronics, the world leader in color e-paper technology, received "Entrepreneurship Role Model" for CEO, Albert Liao. IRIS' flagship product, the ChLCD color e-paper display, received the "Outstanding Product" award.

IRIS Optronics specializes in the research and development of key production processes, equipment, systems, and applications of Color E-Paper. We are the founding members of the color e-paper industry alliance, and we are helping equipment, material, IC, and system integrating partners to revolutionize sustainable displays. Our technical innovation and exceptional business acumen have led to the recognition of two awards at the Golden Peak Award.

Golden Peak Medal
CEO Albert Liao leads the IRIS Optronics team to the Golden Peak Award.

ChLCD color e-paper can display more than 16.78 million colors, and it reflects significantly less blue light compared to traditional LCD screens, making it a much healthier solution for reading. The energy-saving nature of e-paper on top of the embedded solar cells can produce renewable energy to power itself, creating the zero-emission Infinity Display.

IRIS innovates around low carbon footprint displays to create the world's first full-color e-paper that is both environmentally friendly and better for the eyes. ChLCD's applications include mobile, education, healthcare, and retail industries, and will continue to benefit users through sustainable displays.

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