Join IRIS Optronics at Touch Taiwan 2024

April 12, 2024

Unlike traditional LCDs, IRIS Optronics combines cholesteric liquid crystal (ChLCD) with different optoelectrical technologies to create new e-paper technologies. From ebook readers to large commercial displays, Touch Taiwan 2024 is the platform to demonstrate ChLCD's energy-saving leadership and a key tool to ESG strategies. We continue to build a more sustainable color e-paper supply chain with manufacturing partners to realize the Color Your Life, Touch Your Soul, Love Your World mantras.

Use Ming DisplayTM to play videos on the e-paper display

The latest Ming DisplayTM (named after "ming", the Chinese character "明" that combines the sun and the moon) uses the reflective quality of ChLCD to display crisp, vivid images under bright sunlight without consuming energy; and uses MiniLED to play videos in the dark.

Ming Display concept map - A big tree grows on the ground, with half the sun and half the moon behind it
Ming displays wonderfully both day and night.

The technology overcomes the two drawbacks of traditional e-paper: poor contrast at low light, and can't play videos, to expand the scope of energy-saving displays to Color Your Life.

Infinity Display® is an outdoor signage with a zero carbon footprint

Not only can Infinity Display® present full-color digital posters, but the embedded solar cells can absorb invisible light to generate renewable energy. The stored solar energy can power the image refreshes without any external energy source, creating a green technology that Loves Your World.

Three circles represent the function of Infinity Display
An earth-loving display powered by renewable energy.

Unlike traditional outdoor signage, the self-power display has built-in solar cells, so there is no additional cost to install new power lines, nor does it require licensed electricians to configure solar panels. It can reduce both the cost of running new electrical service lines and labor, with minimal maintenance required. When disaster strikes, the resilient signage will be unaffected by power cuts. Whenever there is light, there are infinite display possibilities.

If you would like to know more about color e-paper applications, please get in touch with us.