IRIS Optronics' Proprietary ChLCD Hopeful of Revitalizing the LCD Industry by Tackling ESG

April 23, 2024

IRIS Optronics showcases three major color e-paper technologies at Touch Taiwan 2024

IRIS Optronics, the world leader in cholesteric liquid crystal technology (ChLCD), showcases two major proprietary color e-paper innovations during Touch Taiwan 2024, from April 24 to 26. One innovation is the zero power consumption, environmentally friendly digital display solution, Infinity Display®, and the composite display, Ming DisplayTM, that works both during the sunlit day and the darkness of the night. Another innovation, 27.6” outdoor full-color commercial signage, is also on display, demonstrating its wide operating temperature range, between -20°C to 70°C, to refresh vivid images in seconds with more than 16 million colors. IRIS Optronics’ color e-paper innovations can help enterprises reach ESG targets using the next generation of rich and colorful digital screens.

ChLCD technology has many strengths that fulfill both viewing pleasure and ESG needs

"As the only company in the world to specialize in ChLCD for color e-paper, we have accumulated more than 150 patents. Through sharing our key innovations in eye safety, energy-saving, LCD production design, and providing key components, we are hopeful of transforming the LCD industry into solution providers for next-generation digital displays that align with ESG goals," said Albert Liao, Chairman of IRIS Optronics.

IRIS Optronics provides the complete solution to color e-paper technologies, including the ChLCD e-paper that consists of three liquid crystal layers that reflect red, green, and blue light respectively, to create rich grayscale images with more than 16 million colors. It also has advantages in eye safety, energy-saving, full color, less than 2-second refresh rate, solar energy enabled, and large commercial signage.

Two major innovations to create the next generation of large, efficient, and resilient digital displays

Advances in ChLCD technology have led to the new 27.6” outdoor full-color display with major improvements in reflective rate and contrast, while the operating temperature range has widened to -20°C to 70°C, making it an ideal screen for extreme climates, including direct sun exposure, or high altitude, low-temperature applications. The refresh speed has shortened to less than 2 seconds while maintaining the 16 million color depth with lower power consumption, to fulfill the needs of next-generation digital screens.

Infinity Display® is a zero-consumption digital display that embeds solar cells to generate electricity from the invisible light spectrum to power subsequent screen updates. Compared to traditional outdoor screens, the technology does not require extra power lines or licensed electricians to set up solar panels, making it a more cost-effective and reliable setup. It is independent of the power grid, making it a resilient display that continues to function during disasters.

Ming DisplayTM uses ChLCD's reflective and diffusive nature to create clear images in broad daylight, and uses the embedded MiniLED to show videos in the night. It is a breakthrough that overcomes e-paper’s limitation in darkness as well as the absence of video playback.

A full range of applications to showcase the future of ESG

IRIS Optronics uses the mantra of "Color Your Life, Touch Your Soul, Love Your World" to illustrate the full range of applications at Touch Taiwan 2024. From smart education, smart religions, and smart transport to smart retail, ChLCD brings innovation to all types of screens. IRIS is hopeful of using new color e-paper innovations to revolutionize the LCD industry through novel ESG approaches.

Booth location

  • Exhibition hours: April 24 to 26, from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Booth location: L812.

About IRIS Optronics

IRIS Optronics was founded in Tainan Tree Valley Park in 2012. We specialize in research and development of key production processes, equipment, systems, and applications of color e-paper. We are the founding members of the color e-paper industry alliance, and we are helping equipment, material, IC, and system integrating partners to revolutionize sustainable displays.We innovate around low carbon footprint displays to create the world's first full-color e-paper that is both environmentally friendly and better for the eyes. Our applications include mobile, education, healthcare, and retail industries, and our innovations continue to benefit users sustainably.Our company culture of discipline, innovation, and altruism has guided us on the path of creating environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint technologies. We use zero-carbon emission displays to expand the blue ocean strategy of sustainable innovations and create vivid color e-paper ecosystems to protect both the earth and mankind.

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