True Full-Color E-Paper Technology

The world's only full-color e-paper technology to present images perfectly on energy-saving displays.
Full-color e-paper with red, yellow, and blue paint splatters
Icon of Colored Scale

Full-color e-paper display with more than 16 million colors

Cholesteric LCD technology displays digital, vivid images perfectly, and pushes the limits of e-readers beyond simply black and white texts.
Icon of Green Energy Circulation

Color e-paper displays with extremely low energy use

3 layers of ChLCD with the bistable characteristic that only consumes power during screen refreshes.
Icon for Eye Care

Reflective displays that protect your eyes

Reflective ChLCD reduces the amount of blue light entering the eyes, and it is readable even under direct sunlight.
Icon for stopwatch

Fastest refresh speed

The speed of refreshing the color e-paper can be lowered to less than 1 second.


City Maps and Signboards

Public Transport

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The teacher in the classroom and the students with their hands raised


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Commercial billboards by the roadside


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Working with e-paper screens in the laboratory


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