Education Displays That Protect Your Eyes

Color e-paper display provides students with a more comfortable reading environment and combines with ebooks to protect the environment.
Children using electronic educational eye-care displays

Ebook reader that protects your eyes

E-paper tablet
E-paper displays reduce the damage blue light can do to the eyes. The e-reader with more than 16 million colors can improve the reading experience of all ebooks and e-magazines.

Environmentally friendly digital timetable

School timetable electronic display
E-paper display does not consume electricity when displaying static images, making it a greener solution to display timetables and school announcements.

Interactive digital whiteboard

Children presenting in front of an e-paper screen
Touch-enabled display makes for a more environmentally friendly whiteboard that promotes a more interactive and fun learning environment.
Image with red, yellow, and blue primary colors

True full-color e-paper technology

More than 16 million colors to revolutionize color e-paper technology.

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Three circles represent the function of Infinity Display

Infinity Display

Go 10 years without charging your zero-emission digital displays.

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