Smart Digital Displays for Low-Emission Public Transport

The sustainable e-paper uses minimal power to display information outdoors, and is compatible with cloud applications to update real-time traffic information.
Electronic information display for urban public transportation

Environmentally friendly bus stop

Electronic map display boards in the city area
Reflective ChLCD e-paper is suitable for updating real-time bus schedules thanks to its low power consumption and clarity under the sun.

Energy-saving grip digital signage

Electronic advertising boards inside subway carriages
The perfect combination of 16 million color e-paper and low energy consumption, with embedded solar to never replace batteries.

Low carbon tourist information display

A tourist with long hair is looking at an electronic map board
A tourist information digital display that is readable under the sun and requires almost no energy to operate.
Image with red, yellow, and blue primary colors

True full-color e-paper technology

More than 16 million colors to revolutionize color e-paper technology.

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Three circles represent the function of Infinity Display

Infinity Display

Go 10 years without charging your zero-emission digital displays.

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